What do I need to bring to orientation?

Bring yourself, a readiness to meet your goals, an optimistic attitude, and anyone who is supporting you in your goals!

What ages does Yoop! serve?

You must be age 16-24 at the time of enrollment.

Do I have to live in Yamhill County to be a participant?

You must be a Yamhill County resident or living in Willamina to enroll in the Yoop! program.

Does Yoop! serve kids in high school?

Yes, we serve both youth in high school and out of school.

Is Yoop! a school?

We are not a school and will not count for the mandatory attendance laws.

Can I enroll my kid?

This program is orientated to the youth. They need to show initiative and actively show that they want to take part in this program. We also have an eligibility review and application process to be accepted into this program. That being said, your encouragement and help getting to the program will be needed and helpful.

Do you accept undocumented youth?

Our participants need to have documents showing that they are eligible to work in the United States. We can help you learn how to become eligible, so please contact us if you have questions!

Are you a job placement agency?

We are not a job placement or staffing agency. We help our participants become more job ready and to look for jobs. We help them with their resume and interview skills. We can also provide support if they need help with an interview outfit or with work clothes once they get a job.

Did the GED change recently? It seems harder! Some of my friends said the GED was easy!

Yes, the GED changed at the beginning of 2014 and is harder. Before, the process was easier and had a shorter time frame for studying and taking the tests. However, we still have participants succeeding in getting their GED, and we can help you get the tools you need to succeed!