In 2011 when Brittany enrolled in our YOOP program at age 16 she was on the verge of dropping out of high school. She was looking for support to get back on track in school to complete her high school graduation requirements. Her situation would get worse before it got better.

“My brother got me to try some shrooms, and I had a bad reaction.” Brittany explained that this episode resulted in months of therapy while she battled anxiety and the other ill effects of the psychedelic mushrooms. Brittany was met by disbelief when she told her mother of abuse by her mother’s boyfriend. “Her addiction to meth and alcohol had my mom messed up,” Brittany explained. “All of this and the pressures at school…I had to get out.” She found herself couch surfing, sometimes with friends and acquaintances, but a lot of the time with people she did not know. Brittany maintained contact with YOOP staff. This was primarily through social media, but occasionally she came into the YOOP Skill Centers.

Brittany transferred to an online school to finish her high school education, and she continued to maintain contact with YOOP staff. On her own, providing for herself, her education became less of a priority. Eventually she dropped out.

Becoming a mother in 2015, Brittany decided that she wanted to pursue her GED. YOOP staff assisted her to begin this transition. She explained that her job and the demands of raising a newborn did not leave her time to prepare for the GED tests. YOOP staff maintained contact with Brittany and almost a year later, expecting her second child, Brittany was ready to begin GED test preparation. She reached out to the YOOP program for assistance with this.

Since this pregnancy required bedrest, YOOP staff delivered test preparation materials to her home, allowing her to prepare for one test at a time. Eleven months later, Brittany passed the last test and earned her GED.

Brittany is now in her second term at Chemeketa Community College, taking classes to prepare her to enter their nursing program. The 4.0 GPA she earned her first term put her on the Honor Roll. After earning her nursing credentials and her bachelor’s degree, Brittany plans to gain experience in healthcare and eventually apply to medical school and pursue a career as a physician.

Success for some comes quicker than for others. Thanks to persistence, both on Brittany’s part and on the part of YOOP staff, Brittany is fulfilling her goals and her dreams.