We assist youth in reaching their goals and dreams.

For many, that means finishing their education and preparing to enter the workforce, college, or other training programs. For most, that includes having a license and a car, a place to live, a job, and truly having an opportunity to achieve their envisioned future.

Every youth participant at Yoop! has an individual plan where they set their own goals and path to success.

To help our participants overcome their barriers to education and employment,
Yoop! provides these services (and many more!)

  • GED preparation, where participants participate in classes and receive tutoring to help them pass the new GED exam
  • Career Exploration where participants receive coaching and assistance in discovering their interests and aptitudes for employment
  • Internships where youth develop work skills in an employment environment
  • Rethinking Careers where participants learn the soft skills necessary to seek, gain, and maintain a job
  • Where are the jobs? Job search assistance in understanding local employment trends, targeted growth industries and sectors for youth seeking employment
  • FAFSA and other student aid application assistance
  • College application assistance
  • Parenting classes for youth who have children
  • Assistance in obtaining documentation such as an ID card, Social Security card, or Birth Certificate
  • Training and education opportunities for enrollment in the Oregon Registry for participants who wish to become self-employed or seek employment as a child care professional
  • Vouchers and access to counseling and mental health services
  • Assistance accessing and connecting to resources for basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation.
Children and babies are welcome at both Yoop! locations if they are not a distraction to other participants. Child care is not provided at the Skill Centers, but we can help with childcare vouchers. Both Yoop! sites are equipped with toys and books for toddlers and children

Your Future Awaits!

We are here and ready to help.
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